Bringing Fair Trade to the Workplace


Fair Trade L.A.
Notes – FT in the Workplace

How can we create a demand for FT in the workplace? (Thinking mainly of coffee, though some of these can apply to other products.)
Real-life stories of farmers
Hand out bookmarks with info on one artisan/farmer and coop
Examples of other companies using FT
Form a committee made of individuals from all parts of company
Give facts re: FT, e.g. cost of FT coffee vs. non-FT coffee
Cost comparison re: FT/premium vs. non-FT/non-premium
Tie in philosophy of FT with workplace philosophy
Use FT to strengthen image of company
Appeal to individual workers’ integrity/belief/morals
Make purchasing accessible and easy
Have group consultation/large support
Have a donation pool

What resources do we have?
Resources from many organizations, e.g. Equal Exchange
Web sites
Educational materials

Possible challenges:
Loyalties to other brands/suppliers
Pre-existing contracts
On-going support and communication for buying process

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