Having Chocolate at a Fair Cause


Many people love chocolate but know so little of the ways it is made, which is not practiced justly.

Recently, people have been turning into organic diets due to health reasons of course, but how about organic and Fair Trade foods like chocolate?

For Ten Thousand Villages in Pasadena, a fair trade retailer of artisan-crafted home decor, personal accessories and gift items from across the globe, chocolate is their “most popular food item.”

Since chocolate appeals to lots of people in the United States where 46 percent of Americans say they cannot live without chocolate (SERRV) try to make a difference with a taste of Fair Trade chocolate.

“Chocolate does better than coffee,” said Sam Bills, store manager. “Four to five percent of all sales are from chocolate,” which is actually “good” for Ten Thousand Villages.

Getting to know the difference between conventional and Fair Trade chocolate is essential.

Having Fair Trade chocolate from some of the top cooperatives in Equal Exchange, Divine Chocolate and Theo Chocolate plus the customer service from its volunteer working personnel puts Ten Thousand Villages at top in retail stores where these chocolates can be found.

A Snickers bar for example, costs about $1.59 compared to a Divine Chocolate bar that could cost up to $3.95.

As there is a big difference in price, there also is a big difference in the way it tastes to the way it is made to the way it impacts producers, the most important people in this cycle.

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