February 26, 2013, Public meeting pursuing the initiative to found a Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Store in the South Bay (Los Angeles). Over 50 local residents and interested parties attended. The meeting was chaired by Tom Hoffarth, member of the South Bay 10KV Steering Committee. Doug Dirks, CEO Ten Thousand Villages, gave the principal address. Also in attendance was Joan Harper, Exec. Director of Fair Trade LA; and Tony Hall, Regional Representative of the World Fair Trade Organization for the Asia Pacific (US, Canada, Japan) region; as well as additional members of the Steering Committee and Fair Trade Los Angeles.


Tom Hoffarth opening the meeting; Doug Dirks and Tony Hall attending.


Joan Harper offering comments on Fair Trade.


Doug Dirks and Tom Hoffarth fielding questions from the assembled participants.


Doug Dirks addressing the general meeting.

Doug Dirks addressing the general meeting.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I know about 10,000 villages because they are also a members of Green America. I good cause that deserves support. they help a lot of people living in Proverty

  2. We are getting ready to open a store Downtown LA I’m coming to town in June then I need to find a place for rent . Anna Hermans ECO Fashion . We are more than fair trade we are green, Fair trade & produce in America. Should be fun . I want to throw an opening. Designer Anna Herman i also run the Green ECO Show . We make videos with other ECO Designers from around the world.

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