Lead for Change – Organizer Update!


Hello Lead Organizer Team –


We hope you had tremendous success at all your World Fair Trade Day events!  This month were bringing you some fabulous new resources with tons of crowd-sourced information from Fair Trade Town organizers across the country.  We hope that you can use these to reinvigorate your campaign and give some fresh ideas for summer planning!


Infographic, Toolkit & Video

1.      First, share this infographc post on Facebook & enter to win 1 of 50 FREE CHOCOLATE bars

2.      Second, check out this blog post for a description and link to all the new resources


Millennium Development Goals – It’s Time to Submit Your Signatures

Over the past two months, many cities and towns have been recruiting elected officials to sign the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Declaration.  We need your signatures by Wednesday, May 15.  It’s easy and here’s how:

1.      Here is the template spreadsheet where you can document the signatures (NOTE:  We do not need the signed declarations)

2.      Email the spreadsheet to Courtney Lang at clang@fairtradeusa.org


Fair Trade Campaigns Announcement

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Fair Trade Campaigns umbrella, the result of an extensive, collaborative planning process of Fair Trade Towns USA and Fair Trade Colleges & Universities.  Fair Trade Campaigns will allow for better collaboration among organizations working to raise awareness and drive sales of Fair Trade products across the US.  It represents a wide range of stakeholders in the Fair Trade movement, including organizers from large and small towns, faculty and students from colleges and universities, and NGOs such as the Fair Trade Federation, Catholic Relief Services Fair Trade, and Green America.  Read more here . . . .


As always, contact me with any and all questions or comments.


Thanks for your support!






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CELL: +1 609 410 3158 OFFICE: +1 510 844 1640 FAX: +1 510 663 5264



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