Ten Thousand Villages Store Committee Connects with South Bay folks



The committee committed to getting a Ten Thousand Villages store in the South Bay was met with great enthusiasm during a two-day stay at the Riviera Village Festival on June 29-30. The Riviera Village in Redondo Beach is one of the targeted areas the group hopes to have a store up and running in by next summer, as long as they continue their steady success in raising about $200,000. To date, they’ve received about $80,000 in pledges and donations, mostly from individual sources, but they are using festival events like this one, as well as another in Rancho Palos Verdes on July 4, to raise more awareness and create customer buzz about the proposed store.

The best indicator of success is the dozens of new people signing up for the monthly email blasts that outline upcoming fund-raising opportunities and educational presentations to various churches and women’s group around the South Bay. One of the most recent inroads the group made was when Ten Thousand Villages South Bay steering committee member Tony Fadale appeared on KPCC-AM’s Larry Mantle show to join a discussion about the value of fair trade — several customers to the booth in Redondo Beach mentioned they heard that show and were impressed. While the purpose of the booth exhibits was to cultivate customers and potential volunteers, the group also surpassed $1,100 in sales of Ten Thousand Villages product — covering the cost of the booth and resulting in a nice tidy profit for all the volunteer efforts. Many thanks, too, to the Pasadena Ten Thousand Villages for their volunteer support as well in this process.


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