These stores only sell a few fair trade items. Be sure to ask for the Fair Trade brand or look for the Fair Trade Certified (FTC) symbol.

Store Name Product
Costco Kirkland Signature FTC Coffee
Fred Meyer FTC coffee, chocolate, tea
Giant FTC coffee, chocolate, flowers, tea
Kroger FTC coffee, chocolate, tea
Safeway FTC coffee, sugar, tea
Sam’s Club Member’s Mark coffee, Neu Direction FTC wine, Peterson Farms FTC Sweetened Dried Triple Cherry & Cherry Berry Blend, FTC bananas, & online FTC flowers
Target Wandering Grape FTC wines, Archer Farms FTC coffee
Trader Joe’s FTC coffee
Wal-Mart Sam’s Choice FTC coffee, Peterson Farms FTC Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries
Wegman’s FTC coffee, chocolate, sugar, tea
Whole Foods Market FTC coffee, chocolate, energy bars, flowers, rice, sugar, tea,wine, body care products