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Co-op America’s Fair Trade Guide


Co-op America is expanding its Fair Trade work with more information on shopping Fair Trade. Their 12 Ways to Shop Fair Trade page has links for shopping and they’ve also produced a handy 24 page pdf guide with lots of additional info.

Fair Trade callout

Their twelve ways:  Tea, Chocolate, Fruit, Sugar, Rice, Vanilla, Spice, Olive Oil, Wine, Sports Balls, Arts and Crafts, and of course, Coffee. How many do you buy Fair Trade?

Where to buy fair trade coffee in Los Angeles


A resource for Los Angelenos looking for fair trade coffee to buy at a nearby store and brew at home!


Surfas (Culver City). Get Monkey & Son coffee, wholebean. All fair trade certified, all organic — from a local coffee company!

The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa. (Culver City) This lil local shop roasts its own beans, in store. Many of its blends are fair trade — ask for it :)

Romancing the Bean (Burbank). They get their coffee from Volcanic Red. The organic beans are fair trade certified.

Java City. This NoCal based chain has a number of fair trade blends. Los Angeles has 1 location in the Wells Fargo building downtown :)

Trader Joe’s. Last count, they had 5 different fair trade certified options available at v. reasonable prices — Including a fair trade decaf blend! Most are also organic and shade grown.

Cost Plus World Market. You can get World Market’s own fair trade certified World Village Coffee.

Wild Oats. In addition to v. yummy fair trade chocolates, Wild Oats carries lots of fair trade certified Green Mountain coffees.

Whole Foods. Whole Foods carries a few smaller brands of fair trade certified coffees.

Peets. Peets has 1 fair trade certified blend.

Starbucks. The mermaid has 1 fair trade certified blend.

Borders. Borders sells Seattle’s Best Coffee, which is owned by Starbucks. Make sure you go for the organic fair trade blends (green packaging).

Lastly — Most major supermarkets do offer a few token fair trade certified blends.