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Co-op America’s Fair Trade Guide


Co-op America is expanding its Fair Trade work with more information on shopping Fair Trade. Their 12 Ways to Shop Fair Trade page has links for shopping and they’ve also produced a handy 24 page pdf guide with lots of additional info.

Fair Trade callout

Their twelve ways:  Tea, Chocolate, Fruit, Sugar, Rice, Vanilla, Spice, Olive Oil, Wine, Sports Balls, Arts and Crafts, and of course, Coffee. How many do you buy Fair Trade?

Fair trade sugar — now at your local grocery store!


Thought coffee was the only fair trade product you could get at your local grocery store?

Thanks to Wholesome Sweeteners, now you can get fair trade sugar with your fair trade coffee and organic cream.

Not only are most of Wholesome Sweeteners sugars fair trade, they’re also organic and unrefined. And Wholesome Sweeteners really has all kinds of sugar: sucanat, powdered sugar, light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, molasses, raw cane sugar.

You can find Wholesome Sweeteners all over the place — Including the Pavilions on Vine and Melrose, as Michael and Erin, members of Fair Trade LA, recently found out :)

Enjoy the sweetness of fair trade —