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Make the White House a Fair Trade Zone


From TransFair USA:

Fair Trade in the White House
A movement is building online of citizens inspired by the presidential campaign.  They are are submitting “Ideas for Change in America” – suggestions for ways that President-Elect Obama might best change America

One idea that has risen to the top is to “Declare the White House a Fair Trade Zone.” This idea is perhaps not so far fetched. Rumor has it that the President-elect already has a great fondness for Honest Tea, enjoyed Equal Exchange coffee at his church, and served Just Coffee throughout his previous campaigns.

We’ve even heard that Starbucks Coffee is already served at official functions in the current White House. If so, this could be a pretty simple switch, and we could spend our efforts using the moment to educate the Obama’s and their staff as to why Fair Trade is important.

Take a moment to register your support for this worthy idea, and also to invite your family and friends to participate. Voting ends at 5pm ET on Thursday, January 15

Bringing Fair Trade to the Workplace


Fair Trade L.A.
Notes – FT in the Workplace

How can we create a demand for FT in the workplace? (Thinking mainly of coffee, though some of these can apply to other products.)
Real-life stories of farmers
Hand out bookmarks with info on one artisan/farmer and coop
Examples of other companies using FT
Form a committee made of individuals from all parts of company
Give facts re: FT, e.g. cost of FT coffee vs. non-FT coffee
Cost comparison re: FT/premium vs. non-FT/non-premium
Tie in philosophy of FT with workplace philosophy
Use FT to strengthen image of company
Appeal to individual workers’ integrity/belief/morals
Make purchasing accessible and easy
Have group consultation/large support
Have a donation pool

What resources do we have?
Resources from many organizations, e.g. Equal Exchange
Web sites
Educational materials

Possible challenges:
Loyalties to other brands/suppliers
Pre-existing contracts
On-going support and communication for buying process