Claremont is a fair trade Town.

FAIR TRADE CLAREMONT    909-625-3083    



Fair Trade Stores

                CAFES AND RESTAURANTSEspiau’s Restaurante y Cantina: 109 Yale Ave. Serves Holy Grounds coffee.

Euro Café: 546 E. Baseline Rd.  Serves Numi tea;Peerless coffee.

The Motley: 1030 Columbia Ave.  Serves CoffeeKlatch and Café Femenino coffee.

 Pit Stop Café: 1050 N.Mills Ave. Serves Pura Vida coffee; Numi tea.

The Press Restaurant: 129 Harvard Ave.  Serves Monkey&Sons coffee.

Sage Hen Café: 170 E. 6th St.  Serves Peet’s Fair Trade Blend coffee.

Some Crust Bakery: 119 Yale Ave.  Serves Monkey&Sons coffee; also sells for home brewing.

Starbuck’s:  All 4 Claremont cafes. Only Italian Roast coffee is Fair Trade. Serves by the cup or for home brewing.

The Spot: 435 W. Foothill Blvd.  Serves CoffeeKlatch coffee.


Ecoterra Health Market: 1 N. Indian Hill Blvd.  Teas; soaps;  shaving gel; chocolate bars.

Le Pain Quotidien: 175 N. Indian Hill Blvd. Chocolate bars.

Sprouts Farmers Market: 835 W. Foothill Blvd. Wholesome Sweetners sugar;  coffee; chocolate chips; chocolate bars; soap; ice cream.

Target: LaVerne, Montclair, Upland.  Some Archer Farms coffee, tea: Dr. Bronner’s soaps, shaving gel; Wholesome Sweetners sugar; some Wandering Grape wine.

Power Over Flour Gluten-Free Market: 101 N. Indian Hill Blvd.   Sugar; chocolate bars.

MARKETS (continued)Trader Joe’s: 475 W. Foothill Blvd.  Trader Joe’s chocolate bars; hot chocolate mix; some of Trader Joe’s coffee, Dr. Bronner’s soap; honey; sugar.

Vons: 550 E. Baseline Rd.  Numi tea; Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Starbuck’s Italian Roast coffee by the cup and for home brewing.


Buddhamouse Emporium: 134 Yale Ave.  Prayer flags; hanging bells.

Cloud Nine: 216 W. 2nd St.  Artisan made greeting cards, journals and writing paper.

Colors 91711: 248 Harvard Ave.  Yarns and accessories ; Chijnaya textile ornaments.

Folk Music Center: 220 Yale Ave.  Handmade musical instruments from Jamtown.

Heirloom: 175 N. Indian Hill Blvd.  Handcrafted greeting cards from Africa and Philippines.

On A Mission: 305 Yale Ave.  Baskets; handcrafted olive wood serve ware;  jewelry from Africa.

Phebie’s Needle Art: 532 W. First St. (Packing House).   Frog Tree yarns.

Rio de Ojas: 250 Harvard Ave.  Handcrafted baskets and handbags from Cambodia;  gifts from Haiti and around the world; jewelry.

Studio Claremont: 522 W. First St. (Packing House).  Handcrafted baskets;  accessories and giftware from around the world.

The Bath Workshop: 175 N. Indian Hill Blvd. Footscrubbers;  salt scrub; Shea butter lotion and cream; Cocoa butter lotion and cream.

Tintura Salon: 121 Harvard Ave.  Moroccan Oil.

Shops & Boutiques

The Bath Workshop: body lotion & cream, footscrubbers, salt scrub, soap, cosmetic bags

Buddhamouse Emporium: prayer flags, hanging bells

Cloud Nine Paperie: greeting cards, journals, writing paper

Colors 91711: yarn, knitting accessories, textile ornaments

Folk Music Center: musical instruments

Heirloom: greeting cards

On A Mission: baskets, olive wood serve ware, jewelry

Phebie’s Needle Art: yarn

Rio de Ojas: handbags, gifts, jewelry, baskets

Studio Claremont: baskets, accessories, giftware

Tintura Salon: Moroccan oil hair care


Cafés & Restaurants

Espiau’s Restaurante y Cantina: serves coffee

Euro Café: serves tea, coffee

Le Pain Quotidien: chocolate bars

The Motley: serves coffee

Pit Stop Café: serves coffee, tea

The Press Restaurant: serves coffee

Sage Hen Café: serves coffee

Some Crust Bakery: serves coffee and sells for home brewing

The Spot: serves coffee and sells for home brewing

Starbucks: Only Italian Roast is Fair Trade. All 4 cafés in Claremont serve coffee and sell for home brewing 


Costco: some Kirkland coffee

Ecoterra Health Market: tea, soap, shaving gel

Power Over Flour Gluten-Free Market: sugar, candy bars

Sprouts Farmers Market: sugar, coffee, chocolate bars & chips, ice cream, soap.

Target: soap, shaving gel, sugar, tea, coffee, wine

Trader Joe’s: chocolate bars, hot chocolate, coffee, honey, sugar, soap

Vons: tea, ice cream 

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