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What is Fair Trade Pasadena?

Fair Trade Pasadena is a part of a national campaign uniting community activists who are dedicated to the principles of Fair Trade. By organizing our community at the local level we are able to make a tangible impact on the local market, creating the demand for justice and equity for producers, artisans, farmers, and workers around the world.

The campaign is made up of a diverse group of inspired activists, engaged community groups and organizations, and socially responsible members of the business community. We are committed to raising awareness in our fellow citizens that decisions about where we spend our dollars have ramifications that echo across communities, countries and continents.

How can I get involved?

Help us organize for a broader fair trade presence in Pasadena. Attend our upcoming events (film screenings, presentations, festivals), be a part of planning meetings, help us influence local businesses to expand the variety of fair trade products they offer. Find out about all this and more when you join the movement on our facebook page.

Fair Trade Pasadena Fundraiser flyer-Side
Fair Trade Pasadena Fundraiser flyer