Fair Trade Los Angeles  Stores & Products:

Craft and Folk Art Museum
323.937.4230   www.cafam.org | info@cafam.org

Flour A floral Design Studio
310.227.1376    www.flourla.com

Vida Verde
818.326.3110     www.vidaverde.us

626.703.7305    www.galapaclothes.com

Seastra Handcrafted Art
310.463.3075     www.seasiatrade.com

Fair Trade Express
562.427.3526     www.fairtradeexpress.com

Whole Foods
(626) 204-2266

Trader Joes
(626) 568-9254‎

Vroman’s Bookstore
(626) 449-5320‎

Ten Thousand Vilages
(626) 229-9892

Check out these national and international fair trade organizations:

Catholic Relief Services – Fair Trade

Fair Trade Federation

Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International

Fair Trade Resource Network

Fair Trade Sports

TransFair USA

World Fair Trade Organization


Check out Fair Trade Cities in the US:

Media, PA (July 06)
Brattleboro, VT (June 07)
Milwaukee, WI (October 07)
Amherst, MA (November 07)
Taos, NM (March 08)
Northampton, MA (April 08)
San Francisco, CA (May 08)
Montclair, NJ (October 08)
Ballston Spa, NY (December 08)
Chico, CA (February 09)
Bluffton, OH (May 09)
Burlington, VT (August 09)
Highland Park, NJ (September 09)
Buena Vista, CO (March 10)
Red Bank, NJ (April 10)
Madison, WI (May 10)
Norman, OK (May 10)
Conway, MA (June 10)
Berkeley, CA (August 10)
Boston, MA (August 10)


More international organizations which deal with fair trade (as well as other issues):

Global Exchange

Oxfam America

Fair Trade LA on Picassa