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FAIR Talks in review

FAIR Talk | Dukale's Dream

Hugh Jackman and wife, Deborra, faithful donors and ambassadors for World Vision, decided to finally visit some of the stewards of their financial contributions. Dukale’s Dream is a video chronicle of their journey, of the people and places that inspired them.

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Lyneath Vong had no backup plan. In 2016, she sent in her resignation at her job and hopped on a plane to connect with the families in Cambodia she had met years before, on a trip that changed her from the inside out. 

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FAIR Talk | KISHÉ Foods

On every 12oz bag of Kishé coffee, you’ll find a version of a famous Juan Sisay painting on the label. In true Mayan fashion, the scene holds vibrant colors and depicts a scene of deep tradition. Throughout the generations, coffee farming has been one of Guatemala’s most common industries.

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FAIR Package | September

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Fair Trade LA will establish the widespread sales of Fair Trade products as a viable and ethical choice for improving the lives of global farmers and artisans while enriching the lives of local consumers with quality and sustainable products.

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     Fair Trade LA educates and inspires consumers to embrace Fair Trade products so global farmers and artisans have the opportunity to earn a fair and sustainable living.

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