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FAIR Talks Podcast Description:

How do I make a difference in the world? What can I do to help end human trafficking? What are sustainable solutions to ending global poverty? How can I be a part of the solution and not part of the problem?

Whether you are trying to be a conscious consumer or start your dream business or nonprofit to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, we’re here to help.

The FAIR Talks Podcast educates everyday people for extraordinary change. Together, we’ll be diving into fair trade, sustainability, and working effective solutions to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. From combatting human trafficking to what coffee to drink, we are going to cover the ‘who, ‘how, and ‘why’ all the topics about the people behind the products we buy every day. You’ll hear from industry experts, social entrepreneurs, and fellow world changers with experience working on the ground from some of the world’s most difficult places. Be inspired with actionable steps and tips to help you make better daily decisions to create extraordinary change.

Podcast is officially dropping March 30th, 2022.

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About The Podcast Host:

Elisha Chan is the Executive Director of Fair Trade LA and the founder of Elisha C., an ethical brand on a mission to end poverty through job creation. She found her passion while traveling on many Haiti trips as a student at UCLA and started her social enterprise six months after she graduated. She currently works with many artisans and producers throughout Haiti, while doing philanthropy work in a small village called Fond Doux, Haiti. She has since established a Scholarship Program, sending underprivileged youth to school, from preschool to university. A passionate advocator of establishing long-term solutions to break the cycle of poverty.




 Show Notes:

Ep 01: Building Farmer Capacity | Fair Trade USA

Synopsis: Nathalie Marin-Gest, Senior director of producer services at Fair Trade USA, chats with Elisha about her background, journey, and how her work supports equity and justice for farmers and producers. She describes the similarities between her department’s functions and Julia Child’s first cookbook, and the importance of focusing on the human side of production in building better systems. Their conversation explores how to build capacity, collect information, and calibrate programs to benefit those most directly affected. 

Learn more at www.fairtradeusa.org 

Ep 02: Creating a Worker-Led Fashion Future | Garment Worker Center

Synopsis: This week, Elisha talks to two leaders from the Garment Worker Center in Los Angeles - Nayantara Banerjee (industry research and strategic partnerships) and Francisco Tzul (garment maker and organizer). Francisco shares personal hardships he’s endured in his career as a garment maker and what motivates him to work for industry-wide change. Nayantara describes the history of the Garment Workers Center, how SB62 (the Garment Worker Protection Act) can change the future of the fashion industry, and why “Made in America” doesn’t always mean sweatshop-free production. Both share inspiring tips for consumers to wear their values.

Learn more at www.garmentworkercenter.org

Watch Made In LA Documentary

Email Nayantara at nayantara@garmentworkercenter.org

Ep 03: How to Revolutionize Your Closet | Fashion Revolution USA

Synopsis: If you wear clothing, this episode is for you! Elisha talks with Shannon Welch, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Creative Partnerships for Fashion Revolution USA, about the history of labor and environmental abuses in the fashion industry. They dive into the origins of Fashion Revolution and discuss how their work for greater transparency in fashion supply chains could fundamentally change the industry. Shannon highlights how big brands adopting fair trade makes an impact at scale, how the hashtag #30wears relates to buying clothes, and shares suggestions to create a fashion revolution in your own closet.

Learn more at www.fashionrevolution.org

Watch The True Cost Documentary

Term "Cost Per Wear" from The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth Cline

GCNYC Course on Sustainable Fashion

NY Fashion Act Bill

Ep 04: Fighting for a Fairer World | Paul Rice

Synopsis: This week Elisha dives into a rich conversation with Paul Rice, founder & CEO at Fair Trade USA. They discuss Paul’s entry into the world of fair trade and how that ignited his passion to grow the movement in the United States. Paul explains how fair trade creates a win-win scenario for companies and farmers by creating new shared value and through fostering equitable trade partnerships, not dependence on charity. He highlights the ways fair trade collectives invest resources into their communities for stability and wellbeing. Plus, how the fair trade symbol became synonymous with high quality products and a special call to action to support fair trade pilot programs in your area! 

Learn more at www.fairtradeusa.org

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Ep 05: The Difference Between Fair Trade & Charity | The Little Market

Synopsis: Doug Lapp, the Artisan Relations and Supply Chain Senior Strategist of The Little Market, shares his journey as a fair trade buyer and building artisan relationships. He breaks down the differences between fair trade, charity, and mainstream models of business, and explains the positive potential impacts in children’s lives that fair trade offers. Finally, Doug and Elisha discuss the importance of changing how the fair trade world can better communicate the multiple layers of value embedded in fair trade.

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Ep 06: How Hand Embroidery Creates Financial Independence for Refugees | Neococo

Synopsis: Are hand embroidery, fashion, refugee resettlement, and women’s empowerment connected? This week’s guest will tell you how! Amrita Thadani shares how her background in fashion design and volunteer experience with refugee resettlement led her to start NEOCOCO, a social impact brand equipping women for financial independence through community, femininity, and hand embroidery. She highlights the ways embroidery acts as a cultural and family connector, as well as a therapeutic act. Elisha and Amrita explore how fair and dignified employment provides a firm foundation for women refugees building a new life, and how fair trade businesses can get involved in the refugee crisis.

Shop at neococo.com 

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Learn more about International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Ep 07: How Dinosaurs Keep Fair Trade From Extinction | Ten Thousand Villages

Synopsis: This week Elisha talks with Mary Lampmann about the collaboration between Ten Thousand Villages and Jurassic World: Dominion. They discuss the crossover of themes like preservation of culture, sustainability, and women’s empowerment. Mary also shares how the artisan partners have scaled their operations and market reach with this partnership, and the ways that will impact these communities for years to come. Finally, she shares the one thing that citizens can do that mean the most to any fair trade organization to build a fairer world. 

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