LA Campaign

Fair Trade LA launched a campaign in 2014 to make the City of Los Angeles a Fair Trade Town, the largest in the US! A Fair Trade Town will allow its residents and tourists to conveniently shop local, green and fair. The international city of Los Angeles can support farmers, artisans, and producers in developing communities around the world by bringing fair trade products to its consumers.

Fair Trade Town’s criteria: The following criteria must be satisfied in order for Los Angeles to be recognized by Fair Trade Campaigns as a Fair Trade Town.

  1. Build a team to manage this campaign and educate about Fair Trade and engage others in this work.
  2. Identify 96 retail locations in LA that sell TWO Fair Trade products. Check our progress.
  3. Identity 96 community organizations that use or serve ONE Fair Trade product. Check our progress.
  4. Gain the attention of the media which will show how local action can deliver life-changing benefits to farmers, artisans, workers, and their communities.  See the write up in the LA Progressive 
  5. Secure a resolution from the city government, endorsing Fair Trade in its city.

To get involved, please email us at

For the organizations and businesses that support our Town campaign, visit our campaign page!