Be a Fair Trade ambassador!

Fair Trade LA is looking for ambassadors in the Los Angeles Area to advance the LA Campaign in making Los Angeles the largest fair trade town in America! We need to identify 100 retail locations to sell two or more fair trade products and 100 community organizations to use or serve at least one fair trade product. Seems easy right? Well, we need our ambassadors to be our eyes on the grounds of LA!


  • Must have a passion for fair trade and the desire to grow the fair trade movement
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Strong interpersonal/relational skills
  • Ability to partner/work collaboratively both inside and outside of Fair Trade LA
  • Self-starter/takes initiative
  • Live or work in the Los Angeles Area is a plus


Ambassadors will represent their local Los Angeles area to accomplish three folds:

  1. Identify – Search for existing or potential fair trade operations* in their area.
  2. Connect – Make the initial connection by representing Fair Trade LA and our LA Campaign to become a fair trade town.
  3. Follow-up – Provide consistent follow-up to establish a relationship and assist their local operations* to join the campaign and further advance the fair trade movement.

*Operations = Businesses/Organizations (Nonprofits, schools, etc.)

To Apply:

  • Email with the subject line "Ambassador Program"
  • Include a few short paragraphs explaining why you would be a good fit as an ambassador for Fair Trade LA.
  • Attach a resume

*School credits may be given.

*This is a volunteer position.