Easy Fair Trade Swap for Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is an international campaign aimed at reducing single-use plastic waste and consumption, and with good reason. Plastic fragments called microplastics have been found everywhere from the deepest ocean trenches to human placenta, and about 78 million tons of plastic packaging materials are produced annually. For those of us committed to fair trade and building a socially, economically, and environmentally just future, reducing our plastic consumption is one important way to make that future happen in the present. 

We’ve compiled some resources from our Fair Trade LA Business Member community for an easy swap from plastic to reusable options.

Kitchen & Dining

+ Swap out plastic for bamboo: No need to use a plastic straw - use your own with this bamboo straw set from Malia Designs.

+ Dive into reusable tote bags: The Tote Project offers creative, ethically made tote bags that empower survivors of human trafficking around the world. Stow one in your car so you’ll always be prepared to say ‘no’ to single-use plastic!  

+ Upgrade your kitchen and dining room: Add elegance, style, and sustainability to your summer parties with this kitchen set from Elisha C. Choose from coffee scoops, bowls, spoons, cake spatulas, and more. 

Home & Kids

+ Say no to plastic in baby toys: Bright and durable doesn’t have to be synonymous with plastic for kid’s toys. Opt for a beautiful crocheted ballerina bunny or wooden baby rattle from Wanuna.

+ Carry your yoga mat in style: Instead of a polyester mesh bag, pick up one of these repurposed yoga mat bags or straps to easily carry your mat wherever you need to go. 

+ Give your plants some love: Need a planter or five for that houseplant habit picked up during quarantine? These planter bins made from recycled cement bags will brighten up a room while keeping waste out of landfills. 

Bath & Body

+ Self-care means less plastic: There are lots of easy swaps to make in your get-ready routine to use less plastic, like this eco-friendly back scrubber, this natural hemp washcloth, or this sloth velvet sleep mask from Ten Thousand Villages.

+ Embrace the bar soap: Instead of body wash that comes in a plastic container, choose a high-quality bar soap. Choose from any number of hand-made options like this toasted coconut soap scrub, this subtle cucumber soap, or even a wooden soap dish!

Got any ideas that we missed? What are your favorite tips, tools, and techniques for reducing your plastic use?

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