Woman-Owned + Fair Trade Businesses

Woman-Owned Fair Trade Businesses

In honor of Women's History Month, we have put together a list of all our Woman-Owned + Fair Trade LA Business Members! We celebrate strong women who have risen up to advance the Fair Trade movement! They all started their own small businesses to support Fair Trade artisans in developing communities around the world.

According to Forbes, women lost more than 5 million jobs in 2020. “Women lost more than 5.4 million jobs in 2020 in US alone. During the first 10 months of the pandemic, women—particularly women of color—have lost more jobs than men as industries that employ women have been hit the hardest.” – Kristin Hull Ph.D 

Imagine the impact COVID-19 has made globally. It is crucial that we keep women employed in the Fair Trade industry because if not, they will become targets in the human trafficking industry which preys on economically vulnerable people.

Let's support these women-owned businesses this month and every month!

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We've asked each of them to answer the question:

"What does empowering women mean to you?"

Read their powerful answers here.

Malia Designs

Malia Designs | Cambodia | Visit Shop

"I think that empowered women are in control of their lives.  They have choices and are strong and confident.  Empowering women means advocating for policies and ways of doing business that give women more and better choices."

- Lucia, Brand Director

Baskets and Beads Kenya | Kenya | Visit Shop

"Empowerment means the process of becoming stronger and more confident. Anyone who empowers someone else is helping them become empowered too. As our confidence grows we reach back and empower others. In this way all can be empowered and lifted"

- Eldonna, Founder

Tribu | Ecuador | Visit Shop

"First of all, to be able to empower another woman, I have to empower myself. I have worked hard to find my purpose and make it work in a way that can be helpful to others (women). I learned to recognize my opinion and voice it without fear but with respect. The way I live my own story, is the only way I can empower others. I sincerely hope so."

- Salome, Founder

Wanuna | Ecuador | Visit Shop

"Empowering women means acknowledging that every woman has the potential to contribute differently. It means to be able to build partnerships from intersectionality and to create opportunities from collaboration. Together we have revealed to be one of the most coherent and harmonious powerhouses!"

- Gabriela, Founder

Vida Verde

Vida Verde | Global | Visit Shop

"When you buy from a Fair Trade business that hires women it feels good to know that you are empowering women in a developing country by giving her a voice. Now she has the power to make decisions in her family and in her community. When a woman has a voice she does great things!"

- Laurel, Founder

Elisha C. | Haiti + Syria | Visit Shop

"Empowering women means creating a hopeful future. In Haiti, it looks like giving girls the rare opportunity to get an education instead of staying at home while the boys go to school. It is creating more room for women and inviting women into more conversations."

- Elisha, Founder


Dunitz & Company | Guatemala | Visit Shop

“At Dunitz & Company we make a point of including and allowing women artisans to be an integral part of our design and production process. When your ideas are valued and used, and you are paid fairly for your work, it is empowering.”

- Nancy, Founder

Fair Trade Caravans

FairTrade Caravans | Global | Visit Website

"Empowering women means supporting them in the goals that are important to them.  This means believing in them, in what they do and in what they stand for and for sharing their stories with our community of schools and nonprofits."

- Carol, Founder

Mahogany Soul

Mahogany Soul | Rwanda + Haiti + Grenada | Visit Shop

"I believe we are all born with a fearless ability to conquer anything imaginable.  At some point "life happens" and we stop believing that.  Empowering women means, being reminded that we are fearless and that we can conquer anything, especially when we work together.  This is how I empower women."

- Kendal, Founder

The Tote Project

The Tote Project | India | Visit Shop

"Empowering women is giving them the space and opportunity to pursue what feeds their souls. Our business exists to empower women, but we end up being empowered by the brave survivors we support. Their joy and resilience is inspiring and contagious."

- Michelle & Fay, Founders


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