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Are you a nonprofit that sells or serves Fair Trade and wants to support your local Fair Trade community?

This membership plan is for you.

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Membership Levels

Annual Revenue
< $100,000
$100,000 - $300,000
$300,000 - $500,000
> $500,000
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  • Affiliation with the worldwide Fair Trade movement and be a part of the solution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Networking opportunities with the Fair Trade community in the Los Angeles area and across the United States.
  • Access to Fair Trade news from LA happenings to the latest updates of this international movement.
  • Engage in educational events to learn about the Fair Trade movement. i.e. FAIR Talks with Fair Trade speakers, book launch, film screenings, and much more.
  • Association with Fair Trade LA with your membership and access to FTLA logo being used on your organization platform.
  • Marketing opportunities within Fair Trade LA media platforms to promote your organization and events. You will be listed on our online membership directory and your Fair Trade events will be posted on our calendar. Other platforms to promote your organization include blog posts, social media platforms, and much more.
  • Participation in event opportunities around the Los Angeles area. e. speaking engagements, tabling, sponsorship, and event participation, etc.
  • Access to resources/mentors/advisors to grow your Fair Trade involvement
  • Influence FTLA progress by serving on a committee, becoming a board member, or volunteering at events.
  • Access to discounts and promotions to Fair Trade businesses.

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Welcome to the Fair Trade LA community!